Children’s classes

Open to all, the children’s class, supported by the Bahá’í Training Institute, offers a program of spiritual and moral education to children aged 5 to 11. This program integrates stories, games and artistic activities, promotes friendships and strives to create an environment conducive to the development of the skills and talents of the children.

The children are familiarized with spiritual qualities and universal moral principles such as love, justice, generosity and honesty. The older children also learn more about the life of the most important spiritual educators: Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh.

These classes avoid sectarian or rigid approaches and aim to instigate in children the understanding and respect of universal spiritual principles and moral teachings that are at the very base of humanity’s progress through the ages. These teachings, largely based on Bahá’í writings, encourage an appreciation for the arts, a deep respect for science, and a philosophy towards life focused on spiritual and moral education, on wisdom and moderation. The Bahá’í children’s classes aim to instill in children a love for humanity in all its diversity, and a thirst for knowledge in both material and spiritual aspects.

For Bahá’ís, an education based on the child’s development of moral capacities is essential to the well-being of the human family. It is through that education that children will be able to develop their capacity to live authentic and sincere human relationships, to demonstrate a sense of community and to cooperate with others.

To learn more about the Bahá’í vision on education for children, please visit the website of the Bahá’í community of Canada.

To learn more about the training of children’s class teachers, please visit the website of the Ruhi Institute.